Euroquality civic association

Introduction of the civic association

Our civic association is established as an educational and consulting institution. We assist companies in the area of quatlity certification, mainly according to ISO 9001:2008 norm. Within these systems we help organizations to set up systems of competencies, evaluation and trainning of their employees.

Another area where we are active is education. We are activelly involved in collaboration with other entities on the implementation of several training programs for the labour autority of the Czech Republic. Long term we are commited to adult education, in particular by organizing educational events for private businesses - mostly in developing soft skills, managerial skills and IT literacy.

We also provide consulting services to other entities, beneficiaries of the OP and OP HRE, dealing with issues of lifelong learning. Some members of the association deal with and the quality of education and participated in the implementation of projects by external entities.

Further infomation about the civic association

Civic association was registered with the Ministry of Interior on May 15, 2008

ID 22735879
VAT CZ22735879